10 อันดับ คลินิก Thermage


Top 10 Thermage Clinics

One of the most effective solutions for sagging skin is to perform thermage. Although it hurts, it is worthwhile and most importantly, it doesn’t have to be painful for a long time. Because it is a technology that can actually help tighten the skin. But when choosing a place to do it, there are many factors to compare. So today, our article would like to take all readers to see the top 10 clinics for the best thermage.



THE KLINIQUE (The Klinique) No. 1 leader in beauty innovation that provides a full range of services. provide care for both skin face shape adjustment slimming and cosmetic surgery With world-class technology tools that are certified by the US FDA (FDA of the United States), you can be confident in efficiency and safety. In addition, treatment by a team of experts made THE KLINIQUE recognized both in Thailand and internationally for over 10 years. Currently, THE KLINIQUE has opened more than 28 branches throughout Thailand.

New Thermage FLX is the latest innovation in skin lifting. ready to break down excess fat It comes with AccuREP Technology and a new Total Tip 4.0 head that can automatically adjust the energy to be specific to each treatment area. make the treatment more effective In addition, the treatment can cover the area. Up to 33% more than the original 3.0 tip when combined with The Clinique’s signature treatment technique. Thus, the results of reshaping the face to be slender. and tighten up immediately The results last for more than 1-2 years, guaranteed by the award for the clinic with the most thermage customers in 2019.

Website :  www.theklinique.com

Facebook:  facebook.com/TheKliniqueMedicalClinic

Call Center :  080-000-9800  ,  088-887-8900

LINE ID :  @theklinique

The Clover Skin Clinic


The clover clinic is led by Dr Jeab Phay Sarinthip Suntharat and a team of Aesthetic Dermatologists, Chalawai, graduates from both the USA and England. More than 10 years of experience, with everything that is brought into the clinic, the doctor must try it himself first. Therefore, the clinic selects both machines and drugs that are of the highest quality and most importantly, that the results must be seen in Thermage Clinic, it is another device. In addition to the matter of the premium of the machine imported from America have safety standards It has been certified from around the world and still see good results, helping both in terms of lifting and tightening.Tighten the skin, reduce fat and make the facial contour clearer. Currently, there are two versions of thermage, cpt and flx. The difference between the two is that the flx is less painful. Story from the cooling system and better vibration Another important thing is accurep, which is a technology to measure the temperature of the skin so that it doesn’t get too hot. causing burns to the upper layers of the skin. Read more   (embedded link  thecloverskinclinic.com )
at the cloverclinic we have both thermage flx and thermage cpt
why should you do thermage at the cloverclinic
? high experience Made a lot of cases with great attention to detailbecause we know everyone is different therefore designing the treatment with the most care From the very old thermage to the flx is the latest.
There are cases of reviews for both patients, the doctor himself, celebrities, celebrities, many reviews, the
price is not more positive. not too expensive
There is no cell, so there is no need to add the sales commission of the cell and You don’t have to bear to sleep with your face uncomfortable.
In addition to Thermage, there is also Altera. and other machines including fillers, which were injected so much that they won to answer the problems of the patients as well

1. Siam Square One branch, 6th floor, Rennie zone, call  092-761-1931
2. Index Chaiyapruek branch, call  097-081-2817
3. Central Bangna branch Tower zone, 14th floor, next to ecc, call  090-909 -3547
4. Crystal Veranda branch, along Ekamai Ramintra Express, 3rd floor, opposite MK Suki, call  086-388-1860
Line  @thecloverclinic
facebook:  facebook.com/thecloverclinic
Website :  www.thecloverskinclinic.comwww.thecloverbeautyclinic.com

Rattinan Medical Center



thermageRattinan Medical Center  , a famous medical center that provides beauty services in Silom area. A clinic that has been recommended and told by real customers for  22 years  from the integration of a team of multidisciplinary medical teams led by  Dr. Rattinan Treerat, a  doctor from Siriraj Hospital and has been certified with Certificate Of Aesthetic Medicine from American Academy Of Aesthetic. Medicine, USA


Thermage FLX can be performed  on the face, neck, eyes and body.  Thermage can solve the problem of reducing fat, reducing wattle, sagging skin problems. and compact Use radio frequency technology to lift and tighten the skin in deep layers. especially the collagen layer and the fat layer under the skin to shrink and lift Stimulates the creation of new collagen Wrinkles can be reduced. until customers who receive the service can feel their skin smooth and tighten again The sagging of the skin around the cheeks, under the chin, is lifted and more fit. Wrinkles around the eyes appear faded. shallow cheek grooveOr the skin in the area that used to be sagging is tightened until it is noticeable in just one treatment.

Why did I shoot  Thermage and didn’t see results?

  1. The number of shots to fire is not enough. Due to the division of the shot head, Thermage fires a small number of shots over a wide area. This causes insufficient heat to accumulate under the skin to stimulate the production of new collagen. ineffective or the results are short-lived
  2. Shoot one round, don’t shoot again because it’s sold at a promotion price. Shoot the full number of shots and finish it, rendering it ineffective.
  3. Shooting requires the expertise of the doctor to assess the shape of the face. and designed to shoot according to Vector that helps the face lift up well Good results therefore depend on the experience of the treating physician.
  4. old machine It may not be as good as the newer model. because of pain As a result, doctors use much less energy and become ineffective. Therefore, Thermage FLX is better than Thermage CPT.


Rattinan Medical Center  is located in Soi Silom  3. The clinic has only one branch,  thus ensuring customers that every case will receive care and advice from a specialist doctor. The owner of the clinic directly to meet the needs of treating customers on the spot, sincere service, safe, standard In addition, a complete set of medical equipment has been certified by standards.

For those who are interested, you can ask for details at Rattinan Medical Center at

Website :  www.rattinan.com

Facebook :  facebook.com/rattinan

Instagram :  instagram.com/rattinanmedicalcenter

LINE :  @rattinan

Call Center :  02-233-1424086-570-7040  ,  086-323-4040



Thermage FLX is the latest in skin lifting technology. that has been developed to solve the problem of sagging skin and reduce the accumulated fat under the deep layers of the skin most clearly which helps to adjust the slender face shape ready to break down excess fat Restoring skin structure and stimulating collagen production make the face look younger come back beautiful make the skin younger With superior performance …Mediglow clinic is an expert. laser face lifting can fix problems on the spot with modern innovations and standards with the voice of the stars and celebrity…with many quality assurance awards by a team of specialist doctors high experience in treatment


Tel (Muang Thong) :  095-823-9333
Tel (Rama 9) :  063-957-1888
Tel (Thonglor) :  063-913-5599

Line :  @mediglowclinic
Fb:  facebook.com/mediglowclinic
IG :  mediglowclinic
Website:  mediglowclinic.com

SLC Clinic


SLC Siam Laser Clinic, a comprehensive beauty hospital That has been trusted and trusted by those who want to experience “beauty” for over 13 years with the expertise of a team of specialists in skin, cosmetic surgery. all over the body Combined with the selected medical technology with efficiency, modern, sterile medical equipment with international standards (Fully Automatic Autoclave) certified tools. Doctors from the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand and the United States, as well as the service place are clean standards. Ministry of Health

SLC is committed to providing services that meet the needs of customers in a satisfactory and safe manner. as well as to tell causing people to receive new services continuously with a good slogan like “Because we sincerely choose the best technology..for you” until SLC Clinic received the award “THE WINNER GOLDEN RECORD ULTHERAPY TRANSDUCER AWARD 2018 ” 8 years in a row !

Therefore, it is very worthwhile to use the service.

As for Thermag, here it is. Brand new FLX and new tips. Can distribute power better and deeper than the old model There is a multi-directional vibration system, less pain and good results. It helps to lift and tighten the skin very well. If you want a Thermag that is comfortable, safe and with good performance. Believe me, Siam Laser Clinic is definitely a good answer for you.

Website:  www.slcclinic.com

Facebook :  SLCclinic

LINE : @SLCclinic

Phone number :  02 714 9555

MEKO Clinic


Meko Clinic was established in 1982 by Dr. Manat. Nickname for fine arts A specialist in cosmetic surgery, “Meiko Clinic” is considered a pioneer in the cosmetic surgery industry in the early days of Thailand, emphasizing on standards and quality. To this day, more than 36 years, the quality has always occupied the hearts of many people. Importantly, it is also part of Let Me In, the most famous plastic surgery program in Korea. It was later brought to Thailand and called  Let Me In Thailand Life-Changing Surgery ”  , a program that will create miracles to make Thai people’s dreams come true! And it’s the first time of collaboration between a Thai medical team and a Korean medical team. It is a show that Thai people pay attention and become a trend in many online media.

Why do you have to do  Thermage at Meko Clinic ?

Sagging skin, wrinkled face, blooming, large pores, dehydrated skin, premature aging is what makes many People feel very worried. Meko Clinic recognizes the importance of skin problems. Therefore bringing innovations for lifting, tightening, reshaping the face, breaking down excess fat. and restore the skin structure With a single treatment and painless procedure (single treatment, non-invasive procedure), the latest American version of Thermage CPT TM  helps rejuvenate those treated. After the treatment, there is no need to recuperate.  And the results can last up to 1-2 years, so it is very suitable for the current lifestyle of the new generation. Especially those who want to see immediate and long-lasting results. Highly safe. Certified by both the US FDA and Canadian HPB. Meko’s newest service.

with many good things that Meiko has The whole team of qualified doctors quality clinic Quality tools are therefore  the best Thermage place that should not be missed.

Website:  mekoclinic.com

Facebook :  facebook.com/mekobeauty

Contact number:   081 272 0022

55 th  Clinic


Fifty Fifth Clinic Beauty Medicine Clinic and slimming that many people are familiar with With the reputation of many great works. This clinic is managed by Dr. Surat Asawanuchit or Dr. Cherry, along with other specialists. plus complete modern tools and products that pass the FDA Whether it’s acne and scars, clear face, reduce wrinkles, adjust uneven skin tone, tighten the face, adjust the shape of the face, no surgery, laser hair removal. Slimming, face contouring, wrinkles reduction with Botulinum toxin here to give you no disappointment.

In terms of making Thermage here use Radiofrequency technology to tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles without scars. If done once a year, the skin with wrinkles and sagging. will immediately lift to a certain extent after treatment and keep getting better Continuously until the 6th month. You can also do thermage at any time because do not avoid sunlight And there are no special precautions in skin care before and after the treatment. like a normal laser So you can get Thermage treatment whenever you need it.

Website:  www.55laser.com

Facebook :  facebook.com/55laser

Phone number :  02 231 3394



Bangkok Hospital medical provider and leading medical care in Thailand With pride for more than 40 years, it is regarded as the leading private hospital in Thailand. that has been trusted by both Thais and foreigners have always opted for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services. It has been certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the world’s largest regulatory body for medical standards.

Bangkok Hospital The center of the headquarter medical network consists of Bangkok Hospital. Bangkok Heart Hospital Wattanosoth Hospital which is fully designed To meet all the needs of the patients who entrusted here. In addition to the expert medical team Here, English can be used to communicate with patients. We also have a team of interpreters proficient in over 26 languages ​​to ensure that there are no communication barriers. occurred during medical treatment

The environment and atmosphere of the hospital is full of warmth and comfort. fully equipped with rooms and five-star amenities In addition, limo services are available to transport patients to the airport. including visa extension services at the hospital as well

Here there is a desire to provide the best and friendly service to patients. And all service recipients, the team of doctors, nurses and specialists here are trained. and enhance skills and knowledge from world-class medical training institutes Many people have graduated and passed medical courses from the United States, Japan, Australia and Europe.

Let’s take a look at the Thermage of Bangkok Hospital. Which here is used as radio waves to transmit heat to the dermis, the deepest part of the skin, takes only 30-60 minutes to tighten and stimulate the creation of existing collagen to regenerate continuously. continually make the face tight Tighten immediately after the procedure and see the results more and more clearly since the 2nd month and very clearly in the 6th month, the results can be seen lasting 1-2 years. In addition, there are no wrinkles and scars. After the procedure, you can apply makeup as usual. can use daily life as usual which is suitable for people who have quite a lot of fat in the face

with the quality and good standard of Bangkok Hospital You can be assured that Thermage here will not disappoint.

Website:  www.bangkokhospital.com

Email :  info@bangkokhospital.com

Phone number :  02 310 3000

Ruk Khun Clinic


Rak-Khun Clinic, a comprehensive beauty service center, whether it is body care or skin care with anti-aging technology. Botox, Filler, Thread Lift, Thread Cone Thread Lift, Face Lift without Surgery, Face Reshaping, Jaw Reduction Injection, Nose Augmentation with Filler, Cheek Fat Reduction Injection, Fill Injection Lur, Thread Lift, Face Lift, Cheekbone Reduction, Facial Botox Lift, Face Lift Injection, Cheek Lift, Face Lift, Sexy Lip Filler Injection, Cheek Filler, Filler Injection Chin filler, face shape adjustment with filler, V-chef thread lifting with treatment from a specialist doctor with standard, all drugs passed FDA, absolutely safe.

In the making of Thermag with Love-You here uses high-frequency radio frequency technology. Used to tighten the skin Reduce fine lines and wrinkles (Finewinkle) restore the skin that has deteriorated to look naturally younger. including reducing sagging of the skin which such technology It is widely accepted It is also certified by the Food and Drug Administration. From the United States (FDA) that is safe. and has excellent lifting efficiency To the deep skin in a highly efficient thermal mass (Monopolar RF) translation pattern. This layer of skin is the area where the skin fibers are located, known as collagen and the heat of this radio wave. Will result in the destruction of old collagen that has deteriorated. Stimulates the creation of new collagen to replace This makes the skin more elastic and tighter. The thermage tip (Frame Tip) has a cooling system (Dry cooling). to reduce the heat on the upper surface In order to prevent the top layer from being damaged (burning, redness, burning), the heat energy from this radio wave can be used most efficiently. and the safest Suitable for those who want to lift and tighten the skin to look younger. without recuperation and does not cause any side effects or marks after treatment

Dear-You, take care of your skin with excellent efficiency by a professional doctor. The results are therefore satisfactory. For this reason, it is a very interesting Thermage site.

Website:  www.rukkhunclinic.com

Facebook :  facebook.com/rukkhunclinic

Phone number :  02 934 6185

Pongsak Clinic


Pongsak Clinic Beauty, skin care and general treatment clinic. Founded by Dr. Pongsak Thammathatchaaree Phongsak Clinic, there are 9 branches and has been in service for more than 20 years. It consists of a team of experienced doctors. as well as bringing modern innovations to meet the needs of beauty
At present, Pongsak Clinic is managed by a new generation team who have come to develop the service model and the image of Pongsak Clinic to be more modern. To meet the service recipients with a variety of groups and strive to be an international standard clinic

For doing THERMAGE at Pongsak Clinic has brought innovations for skin rejuvenation, which Thermage CPT has been certified by the US Food and Drug Administration or US-FDA for using ‘Monopolar Capacitive Radiofrequency’ to deliver energy under the ‘Dermis’ layer of skin and subcutaneous fat layer As a result, solving the problem of sagging collagen fibers makes the structure under the skin firmer. and stimulates the creation of more collagen It also helps to strengthen the skin, lift and tighten the face. Continuously adjust the shape of the face to be slender It also reduces sagging. reduce wrinkles and restore the skin to be smooth and beautiful which can treat all skin types The results of treatment with Thermage CPT can last 1-2 years, depending on skin care. Characteristics and age of each individual By bringing the latest technology of Thermage CPT Total Tips machine, orange head and Thermage FLX, purple head that helps reduce pain.

Convenient, doesn’t take long and hurt a little Nor does it cause any marks or wounds. and can return to normal life immediately after treatment Interested in obtaining advice and information from a Thermage CPT doctor before treatment at Pongsak Clinic in every branch.

Website:  www.pongsak-clinic.com

Facebook:  facebook.com/pongsakclinic

Phone number:  081 720 2900